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Welcome to Phillies RBI

Helping to Revive Baseball in Inner Cities

Noticing the dwindling number of children from inner city areas involved with baseball, the Phillies decided to take action and created the Phillies Jr. RBI League program in 1989. Geared toward children aged 12 and under in areas that had not housed an organized baseball league in almost 20 years, the Jr. RBI Leagues benefited 400 children. Since that time the program has grown to encompass over 8,000 children playing both baseball and softball in more than 50 locations throughout Philadelphia, southern New Jersey and Delaware.

Jr. RBI employs a noncompetitive nature where children learn that winning is not the most important aspect of the game. Instead, they are encouraged to learn the rules, proper techniques and to have fun while being a good teammate and displaying good sportsmanship.

The Phillies Jr. RBI program is sponsored by Citizens Bank.

The Phillies RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) program began in 1993 as a part of Major League Baseball's international RBI campaign, which today encompasses more than 200 cities and as many as 120,000 male and female participants a year.

The RBI Leagues focus on baseball and softball instruction and also have a competitive nature. Participants have the opportunity to capitalize on their learned skills during true game situations. In addition to the traditional RBI Leagues, the program supports three All-star teams - a Junior (13-15 years) and Senior (16-18 years) boys baseball team and a girls softball team (15-18 years). These teams travel and compete in MLB sponsored local and regional RBI competitions for the opportunity to play in the RBI World Series held each year in August.

The RBI Leagues are sponsored by Turkey Hill Dairy.

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